The Color of Improv

second-city_nSo, recently, there was a Sun-Times article about “diversity” in Chicago’s improv community (sort of the last white frontier as far as integration goes).  A week or so ago at my day job (I am a radio host), I interviewed folks from Pimprov (yes…that’s basically what it sounds like.  Listen to a clip below).  In the interview, they also touched on the perception of  improv as being lily-white (and how that part’s not so funny).  Even if the Pimprov folk hadn’t mentioned the race situation at Second City, specifically, I think the flyer at left gives it away:  a blaring black banner reading “The Second City: Outreach and Diversity”.

Was that REALLY necessary?  REALLY?  Cringe… Anyway, still I’m pretty excited to see this revue.

The show runs Saturdays at 9pm, April 11-June 6th at Donny’s Skybox Theatre, 1608 N. Wells, 4th Floor Piper’s Alley

for tickets, click here.

Below is a photo from Pimprov…. and above is my interview with these folks.  A lot of questions were answered….


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