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Theaster Gates’ Rebuild Foundation Approved to Develop at 70th and Dante

Artist, Urban Planner, and Friend of Darkjive Theaster Gates is at it again. His plan (through the Rebuild Foundation) is to rebuild a CHA residence into a Collaborative Artists/Mixed Income community of 32 units. The preexisting structure is located at 70th Street between Dante and Harper on the South Side of Chicago. That plan the […]

Theaster Gates’ Dorchester Projects

What do you get when you mix a maverick artist with strong community ties and an Urban Planner? For one thing, Theaster Gates. For another, the Dorchester Projects, pictured above. Theaster has been purchasing properties in the Woodlawn/Grand Crossing neighborhood for a few years now, and has quietly acquired the stock of the former Dr. Wax record […]

JB Monorail by Theaster Gates

a bit about the residual effects of 1968 in Chicago (specifically on the West Side). Published in 68/08 on Dec. 6, 2008 in AREA/Chicago by Theaster Gates There are moments when I think that my life on the Westside of Chicago had no real relationship to the history of political struggle. I had not yet been […]

Ayana Contreras Shares Her Mid-Year Best of Chicago Music 2019

Ayana hosts Reclaimed Soul on Vocalo and WBEZ and co-produces Sound Opinions on WBEZ. She also can’t stop digging… Top Chicago Releases of 2019 This has been an incredible year for Chicago music, so far. Here’s a short list of releases I’ve fallen for: The Oracle – Angel Bat Dawid (International Anthem) This woman’s bright and […]

The Parishioner: St. Laurence’s Last Days.

  This Summer, on the South Side of Chicago, St. Laurence’s is finally coming down.  The grounds, which included a rectory and a school, already suffered through a devastating fire and neglect. the Archdiocese of Chicago closed the church in 2002. The former parishioner in the above photo came to pay his respects, fittingly, on […]

Waxing Poetic at Dorchester Projects.

Above, a bit of video from my Artistic Residency last year with Theaster Gates’ Dorchester Projects, in which I wax poetic about Chicago’s own Mercury Records, Jerry Butler, and the Impressions. I love sharing the stories behind the music I love with the general public; and was reminded of that as I embark on Hosting […]

Darkjive’s Early December Dance Card

So, this week or so, here’s where you can catch DJ Ayana in action: Monday, December  5th @ Danny’s Tavern Folks in the know love this spot for its nice sound system and dancing scene. I plan to spin an exciting mix of mod, latin, blues, and soul to swoon and move to. Of course, […]

On the Radio.

You can listen to Reclaimed Soul, my flagship show, on Vocalo 91.1fm in Chicago on Thursdays from 8pm-10pm and on Sundays from 8am-10am CST. You can stream live worldwide at Here’s a sample of the program: I also produce audio about our city and our people (and stuff like that). “Vernita on the Changes to […]

Lack versus Fat. (my philosophy)

by Ayana Contreras David Houle, an admitted futurist, tells us we are in “The Shift Age”… one that many years from now, historians will look back upon and either praise our ability to clutch newness or lament our inability to move on from the past.  I’d like to argue: the missing link in this statement […]