On the Radio.

reclaimed-soul-background-1You can listen to Reclaimed Soul, my flagship show, on Vocalo 91.1fm in Chicago on Thursdays from 8pm-10pm and on Sundays from 8am-10am CST. You can stream live worldwide at http://vocalo.org/player

Contreras-Ayana-140206-0005.CR2-w Vocalo logo

Here’s a sample of the program:

I also produce audio about our city and our people (and stuff like that).

“Vernita on the Changes to the Dorchester Community”

Above, “Vernita on the Changes to the Dorchester Community”. Created during my stint at Resident Artist at the Dorchester Projects (which is a local Residence/Community Archive, and a brainchild of Theaster Gates). 2011.

“Shacks & Shanties: a Temporary Art Project”

The “Shacks & Shanties” project is a South Side Chicago installation initiative organized by Faheem Majeed. Shacks were constructed as platforms for artistic performances and installations. I attended one such installation/performance, titled “Ghana Must Go” after the infamous plaid patterned tote bags that are so prevalent in West Africa. I talked to Faheem Majeed as well as Abbéy Odunlami, the artist behind “Ghana Must Go”. We talked about community engagement, fashion, and appropriation. 2013.



Additionally, a condensed version of Reclaimed Soul will air on WBEZ 91.5fm Fridays at 10pm starting December 28th.


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