Bust out your Piggy Banks…

buddha-bankTime to start saving up…. the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater is coming back to Chicago (at the gorgeous Auditorium Theatre).

highlights of this year’s program include:

Night Creature – One of Ailey’s most classically choreographed ballets juxtaposed within Ellington’s jazz idiom – the dance capitvates with Ailey’s sexy nocturnal rituals that propel the movement into a fast paced climatic catharsis. (I really enjoyed this, and look forward to seeing it one mo’ gin)

Revelations – This enduring classic is a tribute to African American heritage and to Ailey’s genius. Using African-American religous music – spirituals, song-sermons, gospel songs and holy blues – this suite fervently explores the places of deepest grief and holiest joy in the soul. (the classic Pièce de résistance of not only the Company, but of Judith Jamison, as well.  Must See.)

Suite Otis – Otis Redding’s sassy, sizzling music sets the stage for George Faison’s playful battle of the sexes. The yearning sensuality of such timeless songs as “Satisfaction,” “Try a Little Tenderness,” “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long” and other favorites bursts through this sexy, charming and witty suite. George W. Faison danced with the AAADT from 1967 through 1970. He was the first African American choreographer to win a Tony Award for his choreography in The Wiz (1975). In the early 1970’s, he created two modern American dance classics, Suite Otis and Slaves for the George Faison Universal Dance Experience. (I’m excited to see this one.  “The Wiz”??  Are you kidding me?)


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