Darkjive Throwback: La Cade Records.

Back in February of 2012, I posted this story about La Cade Records, a short lived label with a deep backstory. Dig in…

la cade tile

La Cade Products was another of many Chicago-based black hair care firms (that I detail here) during the late 60s through the 1970s. Though not as well-known as Supreme Products (who created Duke and Raveen) or Johnson Products (who created Soft Sheen, Afro Sheen, and Ultra Sheen), La Cade left behind scant but fascinating evidence of its existence.

First off, it left some pretty great advertisements starting around 1972 (my favorite is above, from a 1974 issue of Ebony Magazine). How’s that for swagger? There’s a sort of street romantic and cinematic appeal to the image used. They also came up with some clever product names: one of which got them in legal trouble… but we’ll dig into that later in this post.

Most notably, to me (and probably, many Darkjive readers, as well) is that sometime around 1974 La Cade decided to put together a small recording division, based at their Corporate Headquarters (2411 South Michigan in Chicago). They recorded no less than two
artists on two singles: both of which are as gritty and charismatic as the ad above.

(for more of the LaCade Records story [including music] click here)

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2 responses to “Darkjive Throwback: La Cade Records.

  • Tony Banks

    I’m doing research on Prophetess Bernadette Cash Williams, who was president of La Cade Records in 1973. That research lead me here to this article.

    Bernadette was a fascinating women of color, who, for me, became a person of interest in the mysterious death of her husband James Simmons, 59, who was nearly killed in a home fire from the result of an arsonist in September 1991. She moved into a new home after this mysterious fire. James was a postal worker. Tragically, after surviving the house fire, he was then shot and killed in the doorway of his home in the block of 17700 Pheasant Lane, Chicago, IL in October 1993. He was shot twice in the chest and once in the back. His killer was never found.

    Bernadette acknowledged her call to the ministry in the early 1980s after attending Carbondale’s Southern Illinois University where she majored in English. She pastored Palm Lane church in Los Angeles in 1981. She was
    Pentecostal. She wrote a book called, “My Testimony” in 1983.

    She was an officer with the Seven Eyes of God Evangelistic Association, Inc. The address listed was 60 W. Dameron St, Long Beach, CA 90805.
    She was also a registered agent of GIDEON’S 300, which was formed March 25, 1992 in Joliet, IL and was a CORPORATION, NOT-FOR-PROFIT under local business registration law. Its registration number is 56774165 and according to the relevant government agency, it is DISSOLVED.

    She pastored a red brick church called Deliverance and Inner Healing Ministries located at 1659 Elgin Ave, Joliet, IL 60432 that sat on three lots. She was joined by Apostle Gregory Dillard of Ford Heights, IL.

    In November 1991, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a mastectomy and shortly after lost her new home in 1992.

    She had one child. A son named Jair Williams (who I can’t seem to find).

    A Jet Magazine article was written about her ministry by Jean Williams in February 1993.

    I’m writing a screenplay based on true events of her life…

  • Audrey Aiken

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