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How Michael Jackson saved Kabuika’s Life


My Congolese friend, Kabuika Kamunga, slipped a story my way about how Michael Jackson saved her life.  The story is testament to just how universal his music was (and is).  An excerpt:

“Papier!” The soldiers shouted at us in French, demanding to see our ID. The threatening look on their faces did not leave any room for negotiation. Jail was where they intended to send us. That’s the place where people disappeared and women got raped. We had to avoid going there at all cost.


Me: “No one wants to be defeated”
Her: “Yes, yes, yes, just beat it.”
Me: “Show me how strong is your fight.”
Her: “Yes, yes, yes, just beat it.”
Me: “It doesn’t matter who’s wrong or right…”



for her full story, click here