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Donald Jenkins and the Delighters (and their Basement Music Revolution)

I’m not sure what exactly is revolutionary about this record, titled “Music Revolution” and released by Donald Jenkins and the Delighters in 1975, but it sure is lovely. It’s what I like to call Basement Soul. It also reminds me of how much I miss skin tight harmonies.

A local Chicago record through and through released on tiny Black Beauty Records (64th and Maryland is the address listed on the label) this record is one of a couple that Donald and the Gang put out in the mid-seventies.

Having released a smouldering, haunting cut called “Elephant Walk” in 1962, the group never had another such hit, but did put out a smattering of quality singles. In fact, the group had roots back to the mid-1950s.

By the time “Music Revolution” came out, I imagine the group had their share of wives, babies, and day jobs. That sort of backstory behind such loveliness commands even more respect.donald jenkins

Below, for comparison’s sake, “Elephant Walk”. It’s the story of a self-proclaimed “American Boy from the South Side of Chicago” who meets and falls in love with a “Native Girl from darkest Africa”. Interesting theme, and really interesting use of echos and animal sounds. Jive on.