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Messin With the Kid: The Update


It’s the time of the season for italian ices, blowing bubbles, and visits to amusement parks.  But it’s a sad day in Melrose Park, for this is the first summer in eighty years without Kiddieland.  No little train.  No cotton candy.  But all is not lost….. 

Originally published Labor Day Weekend 2009:

After Eighty Years, Kiddieland of Melrose Park closes to the public this weekend.  A rift between two branches of one extended family tore beyond repair, resulting in the closing (one branch owns the park, while one owns the land the park is built on [and didn’t extend the park’s lease]). Many of the rides were well over fifty years old, and all of them in emmaculate condition. What a loss.

In memorium, Darkjive presents Chicago’s own Junior Wells with a 1972 version of “Messing With the Kid”.  Goodbye Little Dipper! Goodbye Tilt-a whirl!

little dipper30

UPDATE: As of Memorial Day Weekend 2010, the original Little Dipper will make its home at Six Flags Great America in Gurnee (North of Chicago).  Hurrah!