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Ain’t No Love Lost…a lost Curtis Mayfield gem

curtismayfield-superfly2The year was 1972.  The Year of his “Superfly” soundtrack (arguably, one of the best albums ever to come out of Chicago), and Curtis Mayfield could do no wrong…including this record, produced by Mayfield (and arranged by Rich Tufo).  A sixteen year old Nashvillian named Patti Jo says to some Cassanova, “ain’t no love lost“.  A monster record, then and now.  Manic congas, soaring strings, symphonic piano chords, and a pulsing guitar echo the very best that the Superfly soundtrack had to offer (but “Lost” was never released on any album).  Two years later, Curtis recorded his own version of the song.   Unbelievably, neither made any impact on the charts of the time.  In fact, I went through some serious changes to get this original 45 single.

NOTE: I’ve heard multiple (reputable) accounts that Curtis Mayfield wrote the soundtrack for Superfly before he saw the completed movie, and didn’t know that the film glorified a drugged-out, masochistic lifestyle.  This may explain why the soundtrack is so against drug abuse. Rolling Stone’s Bob Donat actually said in a 1972 review of the album, that “the anti-drug message on [Mayfield’s soundtrack] is far stronger and more definite than in the film.”