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Do it Like Mama: Simtec and Wylie give us a cut that makes me want to break out my hotpants.

Simtec (Simmons) and Wylie (Dixon) were a homegrown Sam & Dave styled duo on Syl Johnson’s Shama label when this scorcher came out in 1970.  Both Simtec and Wylie had scuffled about on the Chicago Scene in a variety of acts before this release: Simtec actually put out a track in 1967 on tiny Maurci Records credited to “Simtec Simmons & the Mechanical Monster”… it added up to a curious bunch of funk, blips, and beeps.

A bit of a local hit, “Do It Like Mama” lost steam and died quietly before breaking through nationally. Love the sock-it-to-me, hard grit on this, as well as the message that ‘the stuff your Grandma did is gonna come back in style’. Truer words were never said, far as I’m concerned.  Roll down the windows, and drive real slow……