Hip Hop’s Gospel Roots

primeridianTwo genres that Chicago artists have left their indelible mark on,

Gospel & Hip-Hop, were highlighted in this Sunday’s Chicago Sun-Times, with a feature profile of Simeon Viltz from The Primeridian:

From Sunday’s Sun-Times:

February 22, 2009

Like heavenly clouds, snippets of hip-hop rise from gospel music.

“Simeon Viltz, who goes by Simeon, is half of the popular Chicago hip-hop duo the Primeridian. His partner Race (a k a Darshon Gibbs) is formerly with the Late Show, a group from the Common camp. Their soulful music addresses contemporary ideals through a historical lens while providing positive inspiration.

Simeon, 34, also plays keyboard, vibes and trumpet. He has studied the blend of jubilee gospel and hip-hop.

“Rhythmically, a lot of the pioneers of rap were the pastors,” said Simeon, 34, also a teacher at the Digital Youth Network (for laptop/media usage) in Hyde Park. “There was a certain drawl and cadence they had in their sermon. With the words in their sermons they were basically rapping. Then the pianist or the organist or the drummer would be in synch. That’s what I heard early on.”

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