The Empowerment Experiment: Buying Black Exclusively for an Entire Year

I interviewed John and Maggie Anderson (an Oak Park, Illinois couple with two small children), who are conducting a social experiment: The Empowerment Experiment.  They are buying black, or patronizing Black-owned businesses exclusively, for one year.


In my interview with them (below), I talk to the Andersons about their “pledge” to buy black, the dark side of integration’s legacy, what it means to keep money in a community, whether buying black is racist, and what’s more important: buying black or buying green….

the above interview was originally broadcast on 89.5fm.

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One response to “The Empowerment Experiment: Buying Black Exclusively for an Entire Year

  • Angela Beckley

    I support you 100 percent. Years ago, I wish I knew the year, Stephen Spielberg said on the Oprah Show that his entire proceeds
    from Schindler’s list went to the Jewish community. Was that a racist statement? I thought , how bold, well it was his money to spend as he wished!

    I was in a Wok & Roll restuarant and ask the owner if he was going to vote for Barack Obama? He was agitated and said “I don’t know!. That was during his early days. A black women was in the restuarant and she had not heard of Barack Obama. I went on a crusade at that time to let every African-American that I came in contact with about Barack Obama!

    We have been taught to feel guilty about self love. If a Black Business owner give me bad service, I let them kknow that it’s my money that going to make or brake them..get with it! I let them
    know that I am going to give them a chance to correct themselves before I stop shopping with them.

    God bless you.
    “Do what you do”

    Angela Beckley (901) 870-5373

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