Betty Everett: there’ll come a time

It was last summer. I was privileged enough to hear the iconic (and prolific) arranger Tom Tom Washington play a few chords of  the tune “There’ll Come a Time” on a piano stationed at a Recording Studio on 80th and Stony Island, where in the vacant lot next door they grew cabbage.

It was electric, especially because Betty Everett’s “There’ll Come a Time” (released in 1969 on Uni Records) was one of the first Chicago Soul albums I ever owned. It was also exciting because Tom Tom Washington arranged some of my favorite cuts on the album (we both agreed on our favorite: “1900 Yesterday” (below), sort of an off-kilter swinging 60s dance cut).

On the album, Betty’s sassy-yet-classy salty mezzo-soprano voice was perfectly augmented by swirling strings, staccato horns, shuffling doo-wop background vocals, and rollicking piano. Featuring compositions by Eugene Record (of the Chi-Lites), Curtis Mayfield, and Eddie Sullivan (of the Classic Sullivans), the album serves as a snapshot of Chicago Soul at the time.

Above, listen to Betty Everett’s classic “There’ll Come  Time”. You can hear the cut “1900 Yesterday”, by clicking the “continue reading” icon below… Jive on!

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3 responses to “Betty Everett: there’ll come a time

  • South Shore 60649

    Betty Everett left a wonderful musical legacy. The first song I heard of hers was “I Can’t Say No To You” from a 45 my parents had. Now years later if I had to compile a list of my most favorite songs of all time, it’d be #1 on the list. I love your blog, it features all the great classic music and artists from my hometown Chicago. I’ll be sure to check out your radio show next Thursday night. Another day being nosy surfing the net pays off in a major way,I’ve discovered your blog and show. Kee on digging up the gems.

    Suggestion : I don’t know if anyone has ever done a set with nothing but 45’s from Brunswick / Dakar / Bashie Records but I believe it’d be great to listen to.
    Keep up the great work and take care

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