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Black Music Getting Intellectually Involved.


Recently, I found an interesting article in the August 22, 1970 issue of Billboard.  Written by Jerry Butler, the piece (entitled “Black Music is Getting Intellectually Involved”) asserts that soul artists were on the road to creating music with greater artistic freedom (i.e. Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway, Sly Stone, Marvin Gaye).  This is something Jerry used his star power to foster here in Chicago with his “Workshop” for up-and-coming artists).  He touched on the idea that soul music was evolving past the earthy physicality that bore it, and into a more socially conscious realm (without letting go of its nature).  I love his insight.   He went on to say,

“I’ve found that sometimes while out on the street and I see a beautiful woman I get butterflies in the stomach and that kind of thing.  Well, all of that to me is soulful, that is what soul is.  The thing that you can’t see, but that you can feel, the thing that you can’t touch, but you can feel.”