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The History of Gangs in Chicago


A Communiversity Course beginning next week…
This course examines the history of gangs in Chicago through the lens of racism and social movements.  Rather than explain Chicago’s history of gangs as a one-sided story of criminality, the course looks at how gangs have played political roles in Chicago and have changed in response to local conditions.  Check out an intro video for this course HERE.

Educator: John Hagedorn is Professor of Criminology, Law, & Justice at UIC. Author of People and Folks: Gangs, Crime and the Underclass in a Rustbelt City, his most recent book is A World of Gangs; Armed Young Men and Gangsta Culture. William Julius Wilson called Of People and Things “the most insightful book ever written on inner-city gangs” and “required reading for anyone seeking an understanding of gang activity in our large urban centers.”

Dates: March 23 – May 8
Place: online (with two in-person sessions)
Fee:  8 sessions, FREE for all ages

This course is open to all….

for more info (and registration information) click here

About the Communiversity:

According to Mia Henry, Communiversity events, facilitated by the Chicago Freedom School, seek to engage intergenerational audiences in the study of past movements and discussions on what we can learn from them…