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This Love is Real


The Lovelites were a young female group out of Chicago featuring Patti Hamilton on lead.  They gained notoriety in the late 60s for their song about teen pregnancy called “How Can I Tell My Mom and Dad (that I’ve Been Bad).” Here in Chicago, though, they are best known for “My Conscience”…a record penned by Patti.  “Conscience” is cleverly written from the point of view of a young lady’s personified conscience who is trying to tell her “all about her man”.  In call-and-response style, the young lady responds with “please go away”, and the push & pull ensues…

Not to be confused with “This Loves For Real” (another, completely different Chicago record performed by the Hands of Time [and later, the Impressions]), “This Love is Real” by The Lovelites is a Chicago-bred Ladies’ Choice.  NOTE: It’s also a West Coast Low-Rider classic.  Check the chunky-ass reverb on the bass.  Trippy.