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avery r. young: local wordsmith publishes opus on facebook

Avery R. Young, local Chicago wordsmith, educator, personality, and friend of darkjive, is in the midst of publishing a series of thirty works (some poetry, some script treatments, and some more visual pieces) in the form of facebook notes.  The work plays with notions of language, blackness, and the canon of African-American pop culture as only he can.  Check it out a sample below, and jive on.


poem fo angela

               or losin man-weight

i been tryin not to drink

cocacolaclassic.  de logo

blood on paper.  bold

in de   land of cullud fountains

(woolworth’s beverage of choice).

i been tryin

to try water.  no bubbles

or lemon.  just one part

air.  ery other part

begins wif hi.

i been tryin not to keep

erything away from yo judgment.

u so big mama

sometimes.  make a big

brother baby.

i been tryin to turn

pride into purple

& wet.  sweet

like grape drink

& cocoa

puff milk after de brown

been crunched away.

u so cod liver oil.

so cocoacolaclassic.

so mo pounds

gainst my bone.

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The Turntable goes Minimalist

The little guy pictured above is a Linos Portable USB vinyl record player (never would have guessed it). How does it work, you ask?


Hook the wire into your computer. The bar has two parts. Take out the bottom base, place the long play album or single on top, and then sandwich it with the overarching top. To start playing, move the player arm into position. Bananas, right? Pop it in your pocket and you’re good to go (so long as you have a computer or something that accepts a USB cord handy). 

Probably not the best option for that $200 impossibly rare mint copy, but cool beans for that $1.99 joint.  Definitely a fun choice for a beginning collector.

thanks to Gizmodo for the info.

Digital wolves in warm, fuzzy sheep’s clothing


I know a lot of the Darkjive faithful are also among the analog faithful (some, if only in spirit).  The clicks and pops old records afford make our hearts skip a beat (even recreated on digitized copies).  Well, get ready for a digital wolf in warm, somewhat fuzzy sheep’s clothing: 45iPodcases.com.  Their tagline even heralds “Digital meets analog” (very, very literally).

Very clever, I say.  Using old vinyl, labels and all (and old cassette tapes for iPod nanos) their collision of chips and skips is definitely a statement maker.  As a 45 collector, I hope they use records that are unplayable (no reason for the babies to suffer). 

And speaking of a new birth of wax, both iTunes and Amazon are  selling digital 45s!

Apple’s iTunes Music Store is taking digital music back into the groove, offering two-song packages known as “Digital 45s“: which feature an A-side and a B-side. For $1.50-$2.00, you can purchase a single along with a lesser-known track you might not already have (that can be difficult to find elsewhere on iTunes).  Great ideas never really die.  They just get remixed.

Jive on…





I’m in love, and his name is TESLA


I love my car.  I do.  But the above COMPLETELY ELECTRIC car, the Tesla Model S is making me fantasize about a polygamous vehicle relationship. To be clear, when I say electric, I am not referring to those butterflies I feel.  I refer to Tesla Motors’ status as the only highway-legal electric car company based in the U.S. (California, to be exact).  The Model S will hit 0-60mph in 5.6 seconds, allow up to 300 miles per charge without a single oil change, not a drop of gas, and the estimated cost in electricity per charge is $4 (from any outlet).  Swoon.

Tesla Motors’ previous offering, the Roadster, was easy to dismiss as something for the rich (Sticker price starts at around $100,000).  This baby, however, starts at $49,000.  It will be the company’s first foray into mass-produced vehicles.  Mass production, of course, drastically reduces the price versus a handmade custom creation model (think couture fashion versus The Gap).   The Model S is expected to come out in 2012.  In the meantime, a dealership selling the Roadster will open here in Chicago (on Grand Avenue) this spring.  Swoon.

To date, Tesla is lobbying the government for the same stimulus money now going to the banks and other (much larger) American Automakers.  I’m watching closely, because this is just the sort of thing that renews my faith in American Ingenuity…