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Pat and Pam: sisters in soul.

Pat and Pam Cordell were twin singers who followed in the great tradition of Chicago Kiddie (or in their case, Teen) Soul in the early 1970s. They also happened to be original WVON Good Guy Lucky Cordell‘s daughters. Lucky Cordell (pictured at left) was a disc jockey turned General Manager at one of the most influential Soul Radio Stations in the country. That had to have helped in getting some airplay in the day. What also helped was having some of the best songwriters, arrangers, and session musicians in the game working on their cuts.

Word on the street says that though they were young, they were quite adamant about recording more adult fare than most young recording artists were at the time (no talk of school books-and-stolen-looks here).

They only released two singles, but both are lovely and worth seeking out. Below, enjoy “I Love You, Yes I Do”, a rollicking Chicago stepper that never fails to impress at my gigs around town.