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Objet Petit Ahh… aka the Piñata-Palooza.

from our friends at the Co-Prosperity Sphere in Bridgeport:

Objet Petit Ahh… is a single-evening exhibition and smashing party of artist-created piñata-sculptures.

In what could be the most destructive art exhibition in the history of Chicago, all of the artwork in the show will be obliterated by the show’s closing that evening. Whatever various and sundry contents should spill forth from the piñata sculptures will immediately be considered public property.

A User-Directed Super Raffle™ will determine the privilege of smashing each piñata, and all proceeds will go to benefit Version Festival 12. Each raffle ticket is $2. If you buy 5 tickets for $10 you will get a copy of the just released Proximity #009.

PLUS! In addition to the curated piñatas in the exhibition, the event will conclude with a Bring Your Own Piñata finale. Anyone attending the show may bring a piñata to add to the fun. Plus, all BYOP’s will be exhibited until the finale, so basically, yeah, you’re in the show. Put it on your resume… Whatever!

The beer’s free, but BYOP(iñata)!

April 14, 2012
6pm… 11pm-sih
3219 S Morgan St

Immodest Proposals Wanted

This came to me from the good people at Lumpen, an Arts magazine based in Bridgeport. They want to get folks involved in their Alternate Arts Festival (and the deadline in fast approaching).  Sky’s the limit on the level of creativity you can express here…..


April 23 – MAY 2, 2009
Chicago, USA

Deadline for submissions: March 7, 2009

A parade, temporary housing structures, contemporary art space networking, video sweat lodge, an artist run art fair, A New Deal/No Deal neighborhood public arts initiative, a social networked free public school, impressive musical performances, boring theoretical nonsense, the revamping of a local community center, mapping projects, tours, a design agency for social movements, and korean polish bar-b-qing are just a few of the projects and phenomena we will present during Version>09 : Immodest Proposals April 23 to May 2, 2009.

Version>09: Immodest Proposals has been announced to take place in Chicago April 23 through May 2, 2009. We want you to send us your immodest proposals. Visit our call for participation site for descriptions of platforms and instructions to submit projects.

Inquiries and contact:

Version Festival
960 w 31st street
Chicago Il 60608

Here’s some pictures from a previous Version Fest:

for more on Version Fest and Lumpen click here