Vocalo.org: Live Radio Broadcast in North Lawndale

north-lawndale-vocaloVocalo.org (89.5FM), the community-based radio station/website, will be broadcasting live this Friday, March 20th (tomorrow) at Carter’s Barbershop in the North Lawndale community of Chicago.  Their current tagline is:  “Real Talk. Local Music. No Commercials. “, and they play a blend of user-generated audio (interviews, opinions) and music (with a heavy emphasis on local groups from Sea and Cake to Black Holes and Shala), mixed with live, topical conversation.

The issue they will be tackling from the barber’s chair will be the new Stimulus Package: how everyday people will be effected, and how individual communities will benefit.  They will also ask what people would do to fix their ‘hood if they had control of the money.  Everyone is invited to speak their piece (on-air) Town Hall-style.  They are also invited to line up their fade.

Here’s the details:

Vocalo.org @ Carter’s Barbershop

Friday, March 20th, 4-7pm

3620 W Cermak Rd # 1 (near Millard)
Chicago, IL 60623

If you can’t join them during the broadcast, you can always speak your piece on the hotline: (888)635-1112

photo, the old Sears & Roebuck Tower on Homan in North Lawndale.

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