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Have you tuned into Reclaimed Soul lately? Newcity apparently has…..

vocalo best of chicago newcity“…Ayana Contreras’ “Reclaimed Soul”… better than anything else on radio in the city…” —Newcity

“Aw, Shucks…” –Ayana Contreras

Media activism is exactly the right phrase for what we aim to do. Jive on.

Announcing Darkjive on the Radio…

Coming this Thursday (and every Thursday) Darkjive.com’s Ayana Contreras hosts “Reclaimed Soul” on Vocalo.org (89.5fm in Chicago). The music you’ve come to expect from this site, plus stories from people moving forward with what’s been left behind.

Below is an excerpt from the first episode. Jive on!

WBMX…and the White Sox?

I am posting this old ad for WBMX here just because: it is weird and wonderful. In the 80s, WBMX was the Electro/House/Italo-disco/club station, not only in Chicago.  The radio station (and its DJs) gained an international reputation for being tastemakers in the burgeoning house community (whose pulsing heart was here in the Windy City).

 Jive on….

Adjust Your Color….and Believe in Radio

Check this clip from the PBS Documentary called “Adjust Your Color” chronicling the life and times of Petey Greene, a seventies DC-area shock-jock/activist (who was played by Don Cheadle in the film “Talk to Me”).  Makes me believe in radio (again).  And for good measure, below darkjive proudly presents: Life imitating art, Mr. Greene in the flesh.  Wild stuff.

Is it too much to believe that media can save the world?

WBEZ Creates Tee Envy

tee1This weekend, there’s an interesting experiment in media consumption going on.  Chicago Public Radio (WBEZ 91.5FM) is checking for their listeners who don’t touch their dials at all…but, rather, click their mouse.

From the good Folks at Chicago Public Radio:

Do you listen to public radio podcasts and streaming more than you listen on the actual radio? Buy a shirt to support it! We want to see how many t-shirts we can sell in support of WBEZ online radio – without saying a word about it on our actual airwaves. We are only talking about this online. If you have an extra $20, please buy a shirt – and definitely pass this around to your friends! Let’s see how far we can take this! Check it out…

NOTE: this push is for a limited time.  And I am VERY tempted….

update: This promotion is officially over… and it’s unclear whether the shirt will ever be sold in their regular online store.

Vocalo.org: Live Radio Broadcast in North Lawndale

north-lawndale-vocaloVocalo.org (89.5FM), the community-based radio station/website, will be broadcasting live this Friday, March 20th (tomorrow) at Carter’s Barbershop in the North Lawndale community of Chicago.  Their current tagline is:  “Real Talk. Local Music. No Commercials. “, and they play a blend of user-generated audio (interviews, opinions) and music (with a heavy emphasis on local groups from Sea and Cake to Black Holes and Shala), mixed with live, topical conversation.

The issue they will be tackling from the barber’s chair will be the new Stimulus Package: how everyday people will be effected, and how individual communities will benefit.  They will also ask what people would do to fix their ‘hood if they had control of the money.  Everyone is invited to speak their piece (on-air) Town Hall-style.  They are also invited to line up their fade.

Here’s the details:

Vocalo.org @ Carter’s Barbershop

Friday, March 20th, 4-7pm

3620 W Cermak Rd # 1 (near Millard)
Chicago, IL 60623

If you can’t join them during the broadcast, you can always speak your piece on the hotline: (888)635-1112

photo, the old Sears & Roebuck Tower on Homan in North Lawndale.