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Linda Clifford and Richard Steele on Reclaimed Soul Live 2018

IMG_6720 copy

A tribute to classic Chicago radio station WJPC (Ebony/Jet’s radio station) hosted by Reclaimed Soul host Ayana Contreras with former WJPC program director Richard Steele, an interview with Chicago disco/soul legend Linda Clifford (“Runaway Love”, “If My Friends Could See Me Now”).

We hear vintage WJPC audio including Richard Steele back in 1974 and Linda Clifford’s interview with Wali Muhammad from 1978. We also hear classic music and deep cuts from Ms. Clifford as well as her own story.

Below, Linda and Richard pictured in 2018 and in  1978, respectively.41810859_2212461328783202_5081003610326695936_n

Catch fresh installments of Reclaimed Soul Thursdays at 8pm and Sundays at 8am (CST) on vocalo.org/player or over the air on 91.1fm (CHI)

Lucky Cordell: The Baron of Bounce… and Chicago Radio Royalty.

lucky cordell2

Moses Lucky Cordell was born July 28, 1928 in Mississippi. His mother died when Lucky was three, and his family moved to Chicago. Cordell graduated from Dunbar High School in 1946. He went on to a long career in Chicago Radio, initially as a disc jockey (known as the “Baron of Bounce”) and by 1970, he became General Manager at the storied WVON.  He also produced records by local artidance crazests such as Heaven and Earth, as well as athis is the woman lesser-known soul group called New Image (1977).

He even released a number of spoken-word records under his own name, which all dealt with themes of love, upliftment, spirituality, and building positive character. The songs had titles like “Happiness”, “You Made a Man out of Me”, “Good Morning Lord”, “A Great Day”, and “This is the Woman I Love” (1969). “This is the Woman I Love” was written and produced by fellow radio disc jockey Richard Pegue. Initially released on Pegue’s Nickel label, the record was picked up for national distribution by Cotillion Records.

Lucky Cordell’s two daughters were also recording artists, releasing two very good records under the name “Pat & Pam” in the early 1970s (click here for more on that).

Cordell was socially engaged and politically minded. He left full-time radio in the 1980s to pursue work with the Chicago Urban League and Operation PUSH.

Cordell died tragically on July 7th of this year at the age of 86 from injuries sustained in a fire at his South Shore home.

According to sources close to the family, he put himself in harm’s way attempting to save his daughter, Pat, who became trapped. The fire began in her bedroom, according to her sister Pamela. The fire was reportedly started by smoking materials.

Under Lucky Cordell’s leadership, WVON became “one of the biggest radio stations in Chicago”, as well as “one of the most influential R&B stations in the country”, according to chicagoradioandmedia.com. Here’s a recording of Lucky Cordell in rare form:

WBMX…and the White Sox?

I am posting this old ad for WBMX here just because: it is weird and wonderful. In the 80s, WBMX was the Electro/House/Italo-disco/club station, not only in Chicago.  The radio station (and its DJs) gained an international reputation for being tastemakers in the burgeoning house community (whose pulsing heart was here in the Windy City).

 Jive on….

WBEZ Creates Tee Envy

tee1This weekend, there’s an interesting experiment in media consumption going on.  Chicago Public Radio (WBEZ 91.5FM) is checking for their listeners who don’t touch their dials at all…but, rather, click their mouse.

From the good Folks at Chicago Public Radio:

Do you listen to public radio podcasts and streaming more than you listen on the actual radio? Buy a shirt to support it! We want to see how many t-shirts we can sell in support of WBEZ online radio – without saying a word about it on our actual airwaves. We are only talking about this online. If you have an extra $20, please buy a shirt – and definitely pass this around to your friends! Let’s see how far we can take this! Check it out…

NOTE: this push is for a limited time.  And I am VERY tempted….

update: This promotion is officially over… and it’s unclear whether the shirt will ever be sold in their regular online store.

Vocalo.org: Live Radio Broadcast in North Lawndale

north-lawndale-vocaloVocalo.org (89.5FM), the community-based radio station/website, will be broadcasting live this Friday, March 20th (tomorrow) at Carter’s Barbershop in the North Lawndale community of Chicago.  Their current tagline is:  “Real Talk. Local Music. No Commercials. “, and they play a blend of user-generated audio (interviews, opinions) and music (with a heavy emphasis on local groups from Sea and Cake to Black Holes and Shala), mixed with live, topical conversation.

The issue they will be tackling from the barber’s chair will be the new Stimulus Package: how everyday people will be effected, and how individual communities will benefit.  They will also ask what people would do to fix their ‘hood if they had control of the money.  Everyone is invited to speak their piece (on-air) Town Hall-style.  They are also invited to line up their fade.

Here’s the details:

Vocalo.org @ Carter’s Barbershop

Friday, March 20th, 4-7pm

3620 W Cermak Rd # 1 (near Millard)
Chicago, IL 60623

If you can’t join them during the broadcast, you can always speak your piece on the hotline: (888)635-1112

photo, the old Sears & Roebuck Tower on Homan in North Lawndale.