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Garland Green: soul and barbecue

Someone who could “never lose” at the South Side Talent Shows that local record execs scoured for fresh talent, Chicago’s own Garland Green made a name for himself in the late sixties as a growling, burgeoning soul star to be reckoned with.  Ironically, he wasn’t discovered at a Talent Show, but playing pool.

Legend has it that a local Barbecue Magnate named Argia B. Collins overheard Green’s distinctive growl while the singer was playing pool, and that he ultimately funded Garland’s turn at the Chicago Conservatory of Music.   Garland went on to record dozens of sides for various record labels, but sadly, only one album (pictured above).  Here’s a clip from my interview with Mr. Green.

and here’s my interview with Argia B. Collins’ daughter (Allison Collins), who keeps her father’s South Side-born creation, Mumbo Sauce, on store shelves (and in barbecue lovers’ hearts).  Argia B. (as he was often called) was a well known businessman in the community who owned multiple Barbecue joints and created the iconic sauce that is still sold today.

Here’s Garland Green with “Angel Baby” from his highly recommended, sole LP, “Jealous Kinda Fella” (pictured above).  Below, an ad for Mumbo Sauce that appeared in Life Magazine.